BOTH-WELL has been certified with IS0 9001 since 1993, and since then has been approved by many international-recognized quality systems such as PED as well as end-users such as several Canadian refineries in 2007, and ARAMCO in February 2008. BOTH-WELL has also been listed on the Approval Vender List of many major domestic and overseas refineries, petro-chemical factories, etc. In addition, in October 2013 BOTH-WELL became the first manufacturer to be certified by the Japanese Quality Association with the JIS MARK (JIS B2316). We will continue striving to obtain more and more quality system approvals as well as become approved supplier on more vendor lists from major end-users around the world, in order to satisfy all of our customers’ demands. In the meantime, we will count on the continued encouragement and constructive suggestions from all our valuable customers in the years ahead.

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